Kale, it’s whats for dinner

Posted on July 10, 2011


Food, and all its goodness, to nurture a working body.

I just wanted to share two of our recent meals.

The first being our

lovely heart shaped pizza. It is a half and half combo. Dough from one of our favorite local Italian bakeries, Corbo’s. The left side features some of our family pesto, canned from basil from 2010 and pulled off the storage shelf. On the right we have local goat cheese, a nice local farmer’s fried egg, and a little bit of pepper and almonds. Oh the goodness.

The second is even better I believe. I convinced my mom to try growing some kale this year. Not a family to do anything in small proportions, I returned home to see ten massive plants with leaves about the size of my head, neck and torso.

The problem was, nobody in my family had really ever eaten kale, and sure as hell didn’t know how to cook it. This is one of the many ways we have figured out what to do.

Below is our penne pasta with boiled kale and crumbled blue cheese from farmer in the deli. That delicious pepper adorning the side of the bowl was snapped off the plant in the backyard garden about five minutes before dinner time.

More lovely examples of the Embleton family diet on the way. Just a little appetizer to wet the appetite. If we are feeling ambitious, I’ll also maybe include the recipes too.

Buen provecho.

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