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Goodnight, Irene

August 29, 2011


Yesterday around noon Zuly and I went for a run. It was windy, the sky was gray, the hatches were battened, and most of the New Yorkers who had means to get out, had evacuated. Those us off without cars, or with animals too heavy to transport in carriers onto public transportation, got to stick […]

Summer Break Ceases

August 22, 2011


Today’s post will be a short and sweet one about that favorite topic, me. Summer comes to a grinding halt whenever I decide to put my head on the pillow tonight. For ¬† you see, tomorrow morning I begin work at my new school. Fahari Academy Charter School, ¬†housed inside of MS 246, the Walt […]

Lots of Trees Grow in Brooklyn

August 13, 2011


I just finished week one. It seems like I have started fresh, or started new in lots of different fashions in the last decade. The most recent turn of the screw comes in the form of uprooting. I once had the nickname Tree because of my height, and it is an image that I have […]