Lots of Trees Grow in Brooklyn

Posted on August 13, 2011


I just finished week one. It seems like I have started fresh, or started new in lots of different fashions in the last decade.

The most recent turn of the screw comes in the form of uprooting. I once had the nickname Tree because of my height, and it is an image that I have definitely internalized in some ways. The metaphor of uprooting resonates well. I spent the past five years in Oakland, CA, spreading my tendrils in various ways throughout the city, soaking up as much as I could.

Last Friday, my little brother Patrick and his kind girlfriend Jess were sweet enough to drive Zuleica and I (and Lucy the dog) to our temporary new home in Brooklyn. Our sublet for the month is one block east of Prospect Park, a gorgeous green space in the middle of the city, designed by the same architects of the more famous Central Park just a few subway stops away. The park has playgrounds and bike paths, big ponds and little creeks. It has thousands of fit people running, cycling, strolling and skating in a counterclockwise direction. The roads are often closed to car traffic, so it reminds me of a Sunday in Golden Gate Park, where the lots come out to play.

This morning, Zuly and I went out on foot with our dutiful reusable cloth bags to the Grand Army Greenmarket. Huge mercado, with things from just across the river, just across the islands. We, as a couple :), are in the process of eating seasonally. On our walk home Zuly asked, “So what do we do in the winter?” I talked about canning, pickling, but to be honest, I said we would have to wait and see. I have a basic idea of what we can do to still continue our beautiful, healthy and refreshing diet (meat free because we are both on the dole right now, but once a steady paycheck comes in I’ll buy a hindleg of Bessie or a little wing of some pretty bird).

We just snacked on an old favorite: sungold tomatoes, lots of fresh basil and mozzarella, drizzled with a little bit of EVOO and balsam, and a touch of S&P. Some tiny crackers to scoop up what our fingers couldn’t manage, and I feel satiated at least until we steam our broccoli and carrots to add to our stir fry. Oh yes, and we bought two enormous eggplants, for which I will most definitely take a photo, as eggplants and I haven’t known each other in quite some time.

It feels good to be back on keys again. Brooklyn, like Oaktown, has a good feeling to it. The little cousin of the big city, but with a full character all its own.

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