Goodnight, Irene

Posted on August 29, 2011


Yesterday around noon Zuly and I went for a run. It was windy, the sky was gray, the hatches were battened, and most of the New Yorkers who had means to get out, had evacuated. Those us off without cars, or with animals too heavy to transport in carriers onto public transportation, got to stick around and enjoy the slow, methodical show.

Irene started her sprinkle by the end of the run, which she then turned into a steady downpour that kicked into full gear sometime during my sleep. I remember dreamily waking up around 3 a.m., heading to the westward facing window and staring at the rain that was moving sideways across the desolate intersection. This is an intersection that is never desolate, especially at 3 a.m. on a Saturday. The storm surged and howled wind through the ready made tunnels of tall buildings, and as I finished my cup of tea around 8 this morning and decided that I would put the rain jacket on and brave the weather, the eye was just passing over. Normally it wouldn’t be too smart to head out as the eye (image courtesy of

of a hurricane sweeps by, because you know the next part of the storm is about to smack you in the ass. Me not having too much meteorology background knew that the storm was dwindling, well before FOX action news supplied the over hyped morning report. How did I know, because my morning walk was windy, the rain was more of a mist, and their was no charged electricity in the air. It did its damage, for sure it did, uprooting trees and flooding and all the other things you can find about “the wake of the hurricane”, but in the end it was really just an intense storm that is still pushing some forty mile per hour winds through the tree branches. It wasn’t something new for me in terms of storm intensity, but it was for many in this city apparently.

It was an interesting scene to hear the silence of cars in the streets, see the lack of movement and bodies on the sidewalks, and feel such ferocious gusts carrying debris for miles. But this was just natural disaster number one. NYC also felt the effects of an earthquake, and Chesterland, OH, saw the touchdown of a twister. Does this mean, yes, the end? Oh, I hardly think so.

I’ve made some decisions. If I write, this blog will be about the expansion of consciousness into a new way of thinking, viewing and acting within the world. I cannot simply serve as another vehicle of bearing witness to what is happening. That is why forty million people click on facebook everyday, to participate in the voyeurism. I intend to be a student, and learn all that I can on how to change the world (yes, I can still be so full of hope and so naive that I think it possible to create systemic change), and also a teacher, which is a role that I am learning to redefine for myself and gain confidence in over time. The ideas put forth will range across a million different subjects, but they will be to inform, without a doubt. And so, I say goodnight to you Irene. Hell hath no fury, and your wrath brought plenty of time for deep reflection and conversation.

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