How to Find a Job

Posted on January 26, 2012


January draws to an end, and this page, this blog, has remained silent. Like an old dog rising from a bed, it stretches first, yawns, and then gives a little shake to get rid of the cobwebs and sleep. It looks like it is ready to bark.

In 2012, there are many goals and resolutions that I began the year with, and I am proud to say, I have been sticking with them. I keep needing to caution myself about being proud though, because that is when I tend to settle in and lose my discipline.

2012 has also been my longest stretch of unemployment since I graduated college (that long stretch in Oregon, where I was able to break the workless streak by landing a job as a Chinese food delivery driver) (not to fret, I have dropped an application to be a bike delivery driver for a local restaurant – it’s way more 21st century eco friendly). It is daunting, and produces little pieces of anxiety in me (that is what the yoga is for), but it has also allowed me the time, space, and well, time, to do what I have long wanted to do.

My days are, in a word, beautiful. I wake, walk Z to the train station, come home and put the tea on and fry up an egg. While the tea is brewing, I normally light an incense stick to activate my senses. I eat, sip my tea, and settle in at one of my two writing places. The first place is a chair in the bedroom that looks into the park. It is louder, but I can fall into a very unconscious hum when I sit there. The second is the chair at my desk, which I use when I want to write on the computer, but, that is something I have been doing less and less. I bought three same sized journals, each 80 pages, and just said, “March.”

March, not as in walking like a soldier, but the month of March. One of my heretofore unspoken resolutions was to fill those three journals (240 pages!) by the end of March. I am well on my way, thanks to the  beautiful time of unemployment, and the sweet little chair by the window. After I write, which sometimes is for twenty minutes, sometimes hours, I try to get outdoors and exercise.

I confess, though my soccer injured knees are not always happy, I am falling for running. In the winter, it is way easier than cycling. I can literally take the cross-walk over Ocean Ave. and have my shoes on the expansive ground of Prospect Park. There, I have devised about twenty different routes which stray from the main circle. As a friend said when I took him on a walking tour, “Only you and the homeless people would know about this trail.”

I also think I was spoiled by my summer in rural Ohio, and the little amount of car traffic that exists, and the beautiful rolling landscapes. To cycle in New York City is to sometimes put your life at risk to navigate to a bike friendly area, or it is ultra-competitive with pelotons twenty riders deep, their legs moving in a blur, or it is just plain boring, spinning around the same 3.5 mile loop a half dozen times. I liked the long country roads of Ohio, and may need to wait for warmer weather to head to the rural hills to continue my love of cycling.

I read, too, a lot more than I have been able to, which means a lot.

This week I read “The Hunger Games” (5 stars), “Always Beginning” by Maxine Kumin (her collected journals, very smart woman), “On Poetry and Craft” by Theodore Roethke (again, a smart and well spoken poet), “Back on the Fire” by Gary Snyder (essays about ecology, my modern hero), and “Food Rules” by Michael Pollan. It’s only Thursday. I read too much. A note on “Hunger Games” – I sat down about 9 a.m. in my little chair, and didn’t move until about 3 p.m. when I had simply devoured the entire book, in one sitting. Mmmm.

I take the dog for walks, go to the botanical gardens – I should explore more I think because that is what everyone says to do in NYC , I cook scrumptious elaborate dinners, try to do yoga and mindfulness. And for just a couple hours a day, I sit in front of a damn screen, open job postings, craft more cover letters than I care to, and sometimes have to shave to go to a job interview. That is how to find a job (at least for me, don’t let it consume you, just put it into the day). Not to count the chickens before they hatch, but I think the technique may be working.

The blog is reawakened, I will be back, hopefully to post weekly, and not just vain little articles about my life, because really, who cares? I will share some of my own writing, and start to use the blog as a means to assay and teach.

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