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G.O. New York City

February 17, 2012


G.O. NYC ¬†(Get Outdoors NYC) You sell your car and move to a big city, and after a few months, you end up feeling a little bit… trapped? Trapped maybe isn’t the perfect word, but even 19,000 restaurants and the most culturally bustling city in America can’t provide everything that the heart and mind need. […]

School Gardens, or, How to Teach the Next Generation to Save Themselves

February 2, 2012


Obesity affects upwards of 40% of the American population. Almost 70% of us are ¬†considered to be overweight. 70%! If you live in the city, the next time you are on the subway, choose ten people, and glance (because staring is rude), and see if this stat holds true. You’ll see lots of double chins […]