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School Gardens, or, How to Teach the Next Generation to Save Themselves

February 2, 2012


Obesity affects upwards of 40% of the American population. Almost 70% of us are  considered to be overweight. 70%! If you live in the city, the next time you are on the subway, choose ten people, and glance (because staring is rude), and see if this stat holds true. You’ll see lots of double chins […]

Slowly, slowly footfall

October 4, 2011


It was a comedic sight. Harold walked with his backpack half open, sleeping bag rigged with rope and spare straps dangling against the backs of his knees, wearing black jeans, a black sweatshirt in the eighty degree day. Malcolm’s bag of Oreo’s protruded over the top of his back zipper, the baggy of sunscreen, hand […]

Summer Break Ceases

August 22, 2011


Today’s post will be a short and sweet one about that favorite topic, me. Summer comes to a grinding halt whenever I decide to put my head on the pillow tonight. For   you see, tomorrow morning I begin work at my new school. Fahari Academy Charter School,  housed inside of MS 246, the Walt […]

Equity Walks, Money Talks, Truth Speaks, Future Seeds

July 20, 2011


So here we are in a bit of a moral conundrum. I just took a job as a soccer coach at the United Nations International School in NYC. That’s good. I also agreed to let the athletic director forward along my info for potential teaching positions. That’s where I feel not so good. The problema is […]