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Biodiversity, or, The Last Supper

October 23, 2011


On the eve of the last day, they held their glasses high to the sun and all poured a drop of liquid to the red earth. Tears puddled around noses and toes while the last hypercolor sunset slipped into the Pacific, slipped behind the land, into the water, into the dark side of space. Tonight […]

Dreaming of Snakes

October 15, 2011


Last night I worked as a snake handler. I used a broadsword to prod and lift a viper up into the air to show to paying customers the girth and color of its body. The snake and I worked in unison, if I thought something, it would respond. If it felt discomfort or lack of […]

Live, Poetry, Live

October 2, 2011


As a twenty nine year old writer who is interested in participating in the world, the cultures about which I care, I have re-engaged with some old habits and am seeking out new ones. For example, I found a pick up soccer league, which is an old habit.  I recently committed to trying vegetarianism because […]

I Read Banned Books

October 2, 2011


  At the Brooklyn Book Festival, reading for the National Coalition Against Censorship. You do realize that school districts and libraries still BAN books in a democracy, don’t you?

A Few Live Seasons

October 1, 2011


Today, October 1, 2011. A new challenge put forth. As a meager and slightly shy writer, I’ve told no one except for myself, so if I fail, I am only failing myself – if I am consistent, I will sound my barbaric YAWP. My challenge is simple enough, and one that I am feeling is needed […]