Some people call me the space cowboy. Some call me the gangster of love.


What I am doing here is writing. I am writing about food, environment, recipes, exercise, training for races, yoga, meditating and contemplating. I am writing about what it is like to pick up, pack up and drive cross country from Oakland to move to Brooklyn.

I am finding my way through being recently engaged to my beautiful, loving and deeply amazing fiance as she begins graduate school.

I am wrestling with the world. The world is way stronger than me.

I taught special education and science in Oakland public schools. I know I am in a break currently from that work. I coach and play soccer. If  it were more socially acceptable and safe, I would sleep outside every night and listen to the crickets and watch the stars. I hike. I no longer appreciate the front country or the open road as I once did. As some bumper stickers say “I’d rather be golfing”, mine would read, “I’d rather not be driving.” I like bikes, a lot.

I am looking to find my path of sustainable, intentional and meaningful living before the whole shithouse goes up in flames (to partially quote Jim Morrison).

I write.


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