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Published, and Published Again

March 21, 2012


Hey there sports fans. I didn’t forget about the few readers out there – I’ve just been busy developing the written word in other venues. Some exciting news for this amateur, slowly turning professional, writer. I’ve been published thrice! I landed a gig writing as the “Greenmarket Picks of the Week” for nonabrooklyn. I go […]

G.O. New York City

February 17, 2012


G.O. NYC ¬†(Get Outdoors NYC) You sell your car and move to a big city, and after a few months, you end up feeling a little bit… trapped? Trapped maybe isn’t the perfect word, but even 19,000 restaurants and the most culturally bustling city in America can’t provide everything that the heart and mind need. […]

School Gardens, or, How to Teach the Next Generation to Save Themselves

February 2, 2012


Obesity affects upwards of 40% of the American population. Almost 70% of us are ¬†considered to be overweight. 70%! If you live in the city, the next time you are on the subway, choose ten people, and glance (because staring is rude), and see if this stat holds true. You’ll see lots of double chins […]

How to Find a Job

January 26, 2012


January draws to an end, and this page, this blog, has remained silent. Like an old dog rising from a bed, it stretches first, yawns, and then gives a little shake to get rid of the cobwebs and sleep. It looks like it is ready to bark. In 2012, there are many goals and resolutions […]

Biodiversity, or, The Last Supper

October 23, 2011


On the eve of the last day, they held their glasses high to the sun and all poured a drop of liquid to the red earth. Tears puddled around noses and toes while the last hypercolor sunset slipped into the Pacific, slipped behind the land, into the water, into the dark side of space. Tonight […]

Dreaming of Snakes

October 15, 2011


Last night I worked as a snake handler. I used a broadsword to prod and lift a viper up into the air to show to paying customers the girth and color of its body. The snake and I worked in unison, if I thought something, it would respond. If it felt discomfort or lack of […]

Slowly, slowly footfall

October 4, 2011


It was a comedic sight. Harold walked with his backpack half open, sleeping bag rigged with rope and spare straps dangling against the backs of his knees, wearing black jeans, a black sweatshirt in the eighty degree day. Malcolm’s bag of Oreo’s protruded over the top of his back zipper, the baggy of sunscreen, hand […]